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Four years ago, I wondered who would be elected the next president of the United States. I wrote some intentions that I wanted to commit to regardless of who won the election. They have been a steady standard for me, even though I haven’t always lived up to my own ideal. I return to them regularly and mean to do better when I fall short. 

This article will go to print before we know who will win this election. There is fear on both sides of the divide that the reaction could be unrest or even violence. May God give us grace for this process, civility to our politics, and a commitment to our common life. 

In writing this monthly article, I typically try to be sensitive to the broad readership, people from every faith, and those not connected to a faith community. This month is a little more personal, so my intentions will be a little more particular. Because of that, there is space for you to consider adding your own particular intentions:

1. I plan to have goodwill towards our president. 

2. I will pray every blessing on them and their family.

3. I will pray that everything in alignment with the agenda of God will flourish, and that everything in rebellion against God and his agenda will wither.

4. I will wholeheartedly support and seek the common good, and when I must dissent, I pray it will be loyal.

5. I will try to intercede and advocate instead of whine and blame.

6. I will accept the repositioning of the church in America. We are not at risk of losing power, prestige, or influence. It is lost. This is a promotion. The church has been freed from our self-interest, our hoarding, and our defensive stance. We have been promoted to missionary status.

7. I will take my place with the exiles instead of the emperor, and I will plant gardens, raise kids, do business as if I was going to be here forever, but my blessed hope will not be here and now.

8. I will align with the “down-to-earth” God who sets aside power to side with the vulnerable.

9. If my views on marriage, which I believe are biblical, are rejected or seen as antiquated, I pray my actual marriage will reflect the “better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health” covenant that could impact marriages from the ground up.

10. I will let the good news of the unmerited favor of God continue to be the engine that changes me and can change the world.

What are your intentions for this season? spt

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Pastor Nathan Hoff

Nathan Hoff has served as pastor at Trinity San Pedro since 2005 and can be contacted at or