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Green Girl Farms in San Pedro California. (Photo by https://www.facebook.com/greengirlfarms/)
Photo of Green Girl Farms in San Pedro California. (Photo by https://www.facebook.com/greengirlfarms/)

2019 brings new beginnings, new changes, and new perspectives. This New Year, we’re reminded to take a look around, and find value in our surroundings and local community. We asked San Pedro Today contributors and staff about their favorite “hidden treasures.” Some you might be familiar with, others may be new to you. Whatever the case, we hope you use 2019 to discover all that our town has to offer.

If your family has roots in the commercial fishing industry (like mine), then do yourself a favor and pay a visit to the L.A. Maritime Museum’s exhibit. Not only is it fascinating, but you may even see a few familiar names and faces. Definitely a must- see and a great glimpse into the history of San Pedro.
– Caitlyn Trudnich, San Pedro Today associate editor

My hidden gem is, quite literally, hidden. It’s the San Pedro World War II Memorial stashed away in the farthest southwest corner of Green Hills Memorial Park. Unveiled at the park’s annual Memorial Day event in 2005, the massive granite monument was subsequently moved to be the centerpiece of a new development. It contains the names of 162 men from San Pedro who died in the war.
– Steve Marconi, columnist

It’s the cutest little antique shop in Downtown San Pedro with amazing prices. I love seeing Rose, the shop owner, ride around town to all the garage and estate sales, transporting her finds back to the shop in her basket. Rose is such a great lady with an awesome eye. Don’t sleep on Rosy Scenario, it’s a treasure full of treasures!
– Angela Romero, San Pedro Heritage Museum

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As a kid, our grandma would give us carrots and sugar cubes
to feed the horses and visit with Mr. H. Years later, we all played flag football at Peck for Coach Patricio, who advocated ceaselessly for safe, healthy uses of the canyon. Then, my own kids played every sport imaginable at Peck, and Connie and I would race through the canyon to get to games on time! Today, it is a beautiful morning walk and respite from the City.
– Tim McOsker, CEO of AltaSea

GREEN GIRL FARMS, located on 14th Street, is open every Wednesday from 9–11 a.m. Master gardner, Lara Hughey, has a great selection of organic, locally grown produce. There is always something new to try. They are also open at the Corner Store on select Saturdays.

And… NAZELIE’S LEBANESE CAFÉ is my family’s go-to restaurant once a week. I phone in our order, which is usually three chicken kabob plates, no salad, with extra hummus. The shawarma is also exceptional and the staff is always friendly.
– Jennifer Marquez, columnist

THE VACATION-STYLE WOODEN CHAIRS LOOKING NEAR THE ENTRANCE TO THE CATALINA EXPRESS PARKING LOT under the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Great place to pray, ponder, or plan a get-away. Parking is free for just enough time. And A CUP OF COFFEE AND A WAFFLE AT THE NORWEGIAN CHURCH. The cheapest trip you can take to Europe. No passport needed. Open Tuesday through Sunday in the middle of the day.
– Pastor Nathan Hoff, Trinity Lutheran Church

Lots of people don’t realize how big on fitness San Pedro locals are. There are several gyms and a vibrant fitness community, but even among us gym rats, few realize the best workouts in this town are free. There are beautiful strands for running, walking, and a free-to- all pull-up rig overlooking the waterfront.
– Ricky Magana, Heyday Elite Fitness

Grabbing a burger and a cold beer at WALKER’S CAFE, hidden across Point Fermin Park.
– Peter Hazdovac, realtor

The annual POLAR BEAR SWIM at Cabrillo Beach on New Year’s Day – one of my favorites! And the HAPPY ROLL at Bonello’s Pizza.
– Mike Harper, realtor

photo of Caitlyn Piercy

Caitlyn Piercy

Associate Editor, San Pedro Today


Ad for Grand Annex in San Pedro California