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I feel like it’s been Groundhog Day for the last week.  

Ten different people have told me the same exact thing: “I feel so much better than when I got here!” When that happens, I am compelled to write about it.

You guessed it: They were all people who went into the gym and moved. Gasp. Imagine that. You go into a place feeling sluggish, tight, weak, and even sometimes sad. Then you can leave the same place feeling like a million bucks. Um, hello! Sign me up, please. 

If it were only that easy, everyone and their mother would be at the gym. But they are not. Let’s think of some ways to get you into a gym and moving. 

First things first, let’s work on your perception of a gym. I’d assume that most people are intimidated by a gym because they think everyone inside is super fit and jacked. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Everyone in the gym was at some point in their life weak and unfit; that’s the beauty of it — everyone has the same starting place. If they are doing amazing, crazy stuff, it is because they started a long time before you and never stopped — “never stopped” being the operative words here. 

Second, no gym, no problem. Yes, I own a gym, and yes, I am saying you don’t need one if it really is not your thing. Go out and buy yourself a nice pair of running shoes. No, don’t sign up for a marathon. Start a walking club in your neighborhood. Yes, be “that” neighbor who rallies the troops and leads the charge around the cul-de-sac. 

You don’t like people? Great, walking can also be an individual sport — pop in the AirPods and get to strutting. You guys know me, and you know I’m not going to be that easy on you. At the four-to-five-week mark of walking, I’d like you to venture out — and yes, you guessed it — RUN. When you do the R-U-N part, I’m sure you will all send me a thank you note because you will finally understand and feel the runners high. It’s a thing, I swear.

Third, make it easy. Beginning your fitness journey can be overwhelming at times because many TikTok influencers give you conflicting advice and overcomplicate the simple task of movement. Just get out there and break a sweat. 

If you feel brave, inspired, and ready to walk into a gym and sign up for a membership somewhere, do it. I’ve spoken many times about the power of a community and what it can do for your overall wellness. 

In the words of the great Mark Bell, “Strength is never a weakness, and weakness is never a strength.” 

Now, get out there and move those beautiful bodies. spt

Eddie McKenna

Eddie McKenna is co-owner of Heyday Elite Fitness. For more info, visit