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Adrienne Wade in the studio. (photo: courtesy Adrienne Wade)

Adrienne Wade is a multi-disciplinary artist and naturalist who has created all her life. 

From her celebrated San Pedro Waterfront Arts District murals to her Venice street art happenings, with art on display in Los Angeles and on exhibition in Hollywood’s legendary Barnsdall Art Park, she is dedicated to inspiring change in the world through art, natural living, self-transformation, and (w)holism.

Adrienne is currently focused on two ongoing series: the Soul to Sole Shoe Collection, featuring original shoe design and art on a custom-made Converse shoe created with paint medicine over a 28-day moon cycle, and Rooted, where patrons receive one-of-a-kind hand-painted flower pots also made with paint medicine. 

I asked Adrienne some questions about her background and her work:

How old were you when you first knew you were an artist?

Creative expression and nature have always been very dear to me. My first art memory is after-school coloring and sketching with friends during daycare. We’d come together after school and make a self-proclaimed doodle club or butterfly and bee club on the playground. 

By middle school, I was always writing and coloring on my clothes, thanks to my grandmother, who was a home economics teacher and seamstress. She shared so much knowledge. She showed us the color wheel, and how to mix colors, sew, and make things. It is more than fair to say that she played a really huge role in unlocking my creative expression! I am forever grateful to her because she was so committed to sharing all she learned, and it really helped me express myself. 

Was your family supportive?

The family is always very supportive. Of course, self-reliance and stability are also valued, so me having these wild visions and a strong desire to express unconventional ways of creating and living often means that I get reminded to remember to be more practical. So, balance is key.

I often wonder what version of reality we can experience when we have resources that fund, build, and grow authentic, heart-based, artistically inspired, elevated environments.

How would you describe your art?

My art is paint medicine. Right now, I’d describe my work as alchemical transcendence. I use fabric, acrylic, and found objects, and I pair these things with color therapy and reiki and texture to transform and share uplifting messages that get encoded in wall art, worn on people, or painted for the people on the street.

My earlier works explored root symptoms that society would choose to ignore or face. For years, the creations that were depicted years before would come true, almost like painted omens. This inspired me to use my creativity and the messages as a way to transform things. My newest works are all about honoring authenticity by creating original wearable art that adorns those who take the steps that allow each one of us to participate in a version of the world we desire to create. 

What inspires you?

Life inspires me, the opportunity to express and uplift others inspires me. The lessons that are born from various aspects inspire me. Being committed to being and making room for others to be and do the same also inspires me.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently focusing on original wearable art commissions, and of course, by the summer of 2024, the flower pot series called Rooted returns. 

For now, it’s all about creating original custom wearables, from shoes to other wearable creative offerings, such as necklaces, medicine bags, shoelaces, and paintings. I also love creating healing spaces in nature that merge art and sanctuary. spt

For more info on Adrienne and her work, visit Anyone interested in commissioning an original wearable piece can contact Adrienne directly at 

Linda Grimes

Linda Grimes is a retired sales and marketing geek with a passion for art, design, and creative placemaking. She serves as the Executive Director of the San Pedro Waterfront Arts District and can be reached at

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