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40. Point Fermin Lighthouse. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

This list is about reconnecting. The last two years have taken a toll on all of us. We’ve been working from home more instead of commuting. Ordering in instead of dining out. Talking to screens instead of talking in person. Most of our major community events have been canceled or postponed. All our routines have changed. 

As life returns to whatever “normal” is, this list is a reminder that San Pedro still offers an amazing array of things to do, many of which are unique to our port town. Our hope is that you use it to rediscover San Pedro in 2022. Try a restaurant you’ve never been to. Take a tour of a historic building. Try an activity you’ve been curious about. Use this very incomplete list as an opportunity to reconnect with this place that many of us are happy to call home.

1. The Warner Grand Theatre. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

1. Enjoy a show at the Warner Grand Theatre before it closes later this year for renovations.

2. Grab a coffee at Sacred Grounds next door before catching that Warner Grand show.

3. Attend a First Thursday in Downtown San Pedro.

4. Go on a hike at White Point Nature Preserve.

5. Experience a nighttime grunion run at Cabrillo Beach.

6. Enjoy a homemade Italian meal with groceries from A-1 Imported Groceries & Deli. 

7. Take an early morning walk along Paseo Del Mar.

8. Be daring and ride a bike from Catalina Express to Cabrillo Beach.

9. Visit the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and check out the aquatic nursery.

10. Try the shawarma at Nazelie’s Lebanese Café.

“Watch the sunset from Royal Palms.” – Enrique Santana, RPV Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

7. Paseo Del Mar. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

11. Watch the annual John Olguin July 4th Spectacular fireworks show from Cabrillo Beach. 

12. Drink a pint of Guinness at The Whale & Ale, which is now an Irish pub.

13. Indulge in an Americano and cinnamon roll at Sirens Java & Tea.

14. Go on an exciting whale watching adventure with Harbor Breeze Cruises.

15. Savor the Local Calamari New Style at J. Trani’s Ristorante.

16. Go for a weekend walk around Cabrillo Marina.

17. Grab a Torpedo sandwich from Busy Bee Market.

18. Visit artist Julie Bender’s 25th Street Mosaic Mural. (And try to find the San Pedro Today cover.)

19. Visit San Pedro’s historic Muller House Museum.

20. Try the grilled sand dabs at Think Café. 

13. Sirens Java & Tea. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

21. Play (or watch) a tennis match at Daniels Field.

22. Go bird watching at the Salinas de San Pedro Salt Marsh.

23. Be brave and ride the Ferris wheel at the Mary Star Fiesta.

24. Take a plunge in the Pacific at the annual Polar Bear swim.

25. Volunteer to walk a dog at the Harbor Animal Shelter.

26. Enjoy an afternoon watching the ducks at Averill Park.

27. Take a ceramics class at Blue Water Clay.

28. Enjoy an omelette at the Omelette & Waffle Shop — there are more than 100 to choose from!

29. Attend the Spirit of San Pedro Holiday Parade.

30. Take a walk around the Fanfare Fountain. (**The fountains aren’t currently in operation, but it’s still a nice walk!)

“Enjoying a local sandwich (too many to choose from) while strolling through Averill Park.” – Peter Hazdovac, Harper/Hazdovac Real Estate Team

53. Korean Bell of Friendship. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

31. Try the Pancetta pizza at La Bocca Felice.

32. Enjoy the festive Harbor Afloat boat parade.

33. Try one of the many sodas at The Corner Store.

34. Visit the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse.

35. Attend the famous fish luncheon at the Dalmatian-American Club.

36. During Halloween, listen to Scary Stories at Angels Gate Cultural Center.

37. Wake up to the sound of a foghorn from the harbor.

38. Look at the historic murals in the Beacon Street post office. 

39. Go outside in the middle of the night and listen to the sounds of the working port.

40. Take a tour of the Point Fermin Lighthouse.

“Buying sourdough bread from San Pedro Sourdough or Triple Moon Bakehouse. Picking up a Miller Butler Pizza on the block. NUDA’s Garden Swap on the third Sunday of the month. The açai bowl from Vitality Smoothies. And having a cocktail and appetizer on the DoubleTree Hotel’s patio.” – Sanam Lamborn, San Pedro Today food columnist.

26. Averill Park. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

41. Play ball at Bogdanovich Park.

42. Enjoy dinner and belly dancing at Babouch Moroccan Restaurant.

43. Roast marshmallows in the firepits at Cabrillo Beach. (**The firepits are currently removed from Cabrillo Beach.)

44. Take a walk down 6th Street in downtown and check out the Sportswalk to the Waterfront.

45. Devour a World Famous Shrimp Tray on the patio at the San Pedro Fish Market.

46. Visit the Los Angeles Fire Department Harbor Museum.

47. Make a difference in your community by attending a neighborhood council meeting.

48. Shop for fresh produce and more at the San Pedro Farmers Market at Little Italy.

49. Try Sandwich Saloon’s famous Chinese Chicken Salad.

50. Learn the names of your next-door neighbors if you haven’t already.

“Grabbing a breakfast burrito at The Chori-Man and heading down to Cabrillo Beach.” – Ryan Bullock, Harbor Hearing

85. The Arcade Building. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

51. Visit the new Town Square and be amazed at the cargo ships as they come into the port.

52. Indulge in an early morning breakfast at Pacific Diner.

53. Go fly a kite at the Korean Bell of Friendship.

54. Take a tour of the SS Lane Victory.

55. Order a Long Shoreman and Railroader from Big Nick’s Pizza.

56. Pay your respects at the American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial.

57. Indulge in some breakfast pizza at Joseph’s Bakery.

58. Check out the majestic view of the harbor from Lookout Point Park.

59. Visit the sea lions at the Marine Mammal Care Center. 

60. Play horseshoes at Peck Park.

“Take out from Maria’s on 22nd and Pacific at least once a week.” – Lindsay Sochar, CRAFTED at the Port of LA

16. Cabrillo Marina. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

61. Take in the view of the lights on the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

62. Visit an Open Studios Day at Angels Gate Cultural Center.

63. Have a picnic on the grass along Paseo Del Mar.

64. Visit the Belmont Shore Model Railroad Club at Angels Gate Cultural Center.

65. Enjoy a pizza or a sub from Sorrento’s. (The family-owned restaurant turns 60 this year!)

66. Make time for LA Fleet Week, which moves to Memorial Day weekend this year.

67. Attend a performance of Shakespeare by the Sea at Point Fermin Park.

68. Go for a swim at the Hey Rookie Pool.

69. Try The Flying Dutchman at The Porthole Deli & Pizzeria. 

70. Attend a San Pedro High School football game. Go Pirates!

“Taking my dogs for a walk around the Marina.” – Rachel Sindelar, CRAFTED at the Port of LA

59. Marine Mammal Care Center. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

71. Try one of the many unique teas at Hojas Tea House.

72. Spend a weekend wandering the aisles at Crafted at the Port of L.A.

73. Take a tour of the USS Iowa.

74. Explore the underground bunkers at Fort MacArthur Museum.

75. Clean out your closet and donate items to the Beacon House Thrift Store. 

76. Catch some live music at the Grand Annex.

77. Eat a Devine Burger at Utro’s Café.

78. Catch a flick at the L.A. Harbor International Film Festival.

79. Volunteer to deliver food for Meals on Wheels.

80. Enjoy a Music by the Sea summer concert at Point Fermin Park.

“Visit the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium then head to the playground on the beach.” – Laura Avila, San Pedro Chamber of Commerce

115. L.A. Maritime Museum. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

81. Try the guacamole at Taxco restaurant.

82. Shoot hoops at the iconic Korean Bell basketball court.

83. Grab a breakfast burrito at The Chori-Man and a pastry at Colussus bakery.

84. Enjoy one of the many Belgian-style ales at Brouwerij West.

85. Check out the beautiful craftsmanship of The Arcade Building in downtown.

86. Enjoy a Beauty Bowl or Nudie smoothie at NUDA Juice Shop.

87. Buy fresh produce at Green Girl Farms.

88. Watch a Mary Star High baseball game at Fromhold Field. Go Stars!

89. Enjoy a play at Little Fish Theatre.

90. Kayak or paddleboard around the peninsula.

“Watch a Mary Star High baseball game at Fromhold field. There are only a few places in America where a high school baseball game can be enjoyed with such sublime scenery like Fromhold Field.” – Jamaal K. Street, San Pedro Today sports columnist.

88. Fromhold Field. (photo: Jamaal K. Street)

91. Spoil yourself with some fried chicken and potatoes from Slavko’s Harbor Poultry.

92. Prepare some chicken kabobs from South Shores Meat Shop for a summer barbeque.

93. Visit POLA High School’s Pixels art gallery on a First Thursday.

94. Have a margarita or two at the Green Onion Mexican Restaurant.

95. Find some vinyl album treasures at JDC Records.

96. Enjoy a Longshoreman Lager during Hoppy Hour at the San Pedro Brewing Co.

97. Try the Garlic Bomb Ramen at Ko-Ryu Ramen.

98. Pick up some See’s Candies at the Assistance League gift shop.

99. Grab a pint and catch a concert at The Sardine.

100. Try the Buona Lisa pizza from Buono’s Pizzeria.

“Going over to Warehouse One and screaming into the void.” – Lindsay Sochar, CRAFTED at the Port of LA

63. Grass along Paseo Del Mar. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

101. Get your tequila on with a margarita flight from Kalaveras.

102. Purchase stamps from the Assistance League Post Office in Weymouth Corners. It’s the only all-volunteer post office in the country!

103. Take a selfie with the Three-Eyed Fish mural by artist Dave Butkus.

104. Grab a Three-Eyed Fish t-shirt at Badfish Clothing Co.

105. Visit the grave of poet and longtime San Pedro resident Charles Bukowski at Green Hills Memorial Park. 

106. Enjoy wine and charcuterie on the patio at Compagnon Wine Bistro.

107. Check out Raffaello Ristorante’s beautiful new location on 7th Street in downtown.

108. Order a dozen sugar cookies from Polly Ann Bakery. 

109. Attend Pride on the Port of Los Angeles when it returns. 

110. Purchase an obligatory San Pedro hoodie at San Pedro Surf & Sport.

106. Compagnon Wine Bistro. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

111. Find the perfect pair of sandals at Urban Feet.

112. Order the Tacos al Pastor at The Original Las Brisas.

113. Attend a San Pedro Chamber of Commerce business mixer.

114. Watch San Pedro City Ballet’s annual performance of The Nutcracker.

115. Visit the newly reopened L.A. Maritime Museum. 

116. View the work by the San Pedro Art Association at Crafted at the Port of L.A.

117. Go fishing off Cabrillo Pier.

118. Join the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium’s Beach Cleanup on the first Saturday of every month.

119. Play bocce ball near the Catalina Express Terminal. 

120. Drive around town looking for the mysterious ‘San Pedro Cat’ art.

121. Enjoy dinner and a view of the marina from 22nd Street Landing Seafood Grill & Bar.

122. Randomly run into a commercial, television show, or movie being filmed in Downtown San Pedro. spt

SPT Staff