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The expression “every cloud has a silver lining” means that even the worst situations have some positive aspect. As we enter another month of quarantine, we couldn’t think of a better time to ask our readers (and a few contributors) about the “silver linings” they’ve discovered during this coronavirus pandemic (and to show us their masks). Our hope is that these responses inspire you to search for the positive during these challenging times. It’s there if you just look for it.

Cathy Coppa

1.) This is my friend Cathy Coppa. She has given me permission to submit her photo. She has been able to bring laughter and a sense of continuity at work. She is so positive about how we will be okay and about how blessed we are to continue to work and do our part each and every day. – Lily Allen

John Bagakis

2.) In true San Pedro fashion, this community never fails. The community support for restaurants has been overwhelming. Complete strangers shopping for the elderly. Donations to needy organizations and volunteers on a daily basis. As usual, when faced when adversity, the people of San Pedro deliver. – John Bagakis

Jack Baric

3.) I encourage everyone to write down positive thoughts – social media posts, gratitude journals, whatever. Doing that has really helped me during the crisis. I’m starting an inspirational sports media company that uses lessons learned from sports to teach positive mindset principles, and so I’m helping my partner (former USC all-American/NFL quarterback Paul McDonald) to write a book. I’ve been writing a lot during the crisis. I can’t tell you how therapeutic that’s been. Fight on! – Jack Baric

Maile Bay Jacques, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

4.) I am grateful for the use of virtual meeting platforms that allow me [to provide] continued support for my patients healing from home. As a physical therapist, a significant portion of my treatment is performing hands-on intervention. Now in these unprecedented times, I’m challenged to adapt to telehealth visits where I am limited to words or demonstration only. I’m so proud of my patients who continue to push forward and thrive amidst these great challenges. – Maile Bay Jacques, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Marie Milick Borchardt

5.) I’ve always enjoyed being a homebody, but it’s a bit disconcerting when it’s imposed on one. My silver lining through these unusual times is taking more of an interest in so-called little joys. Every day since I’ve practiced social distancing, I’ve photographed one lovely flower and shared the photo on Facebook. It’s amazing how many different and colorful flowers I’ve discovered just steps away from my front door! – Marie Milick Borchardt

Christina Choy

6.) Our community has really stepped up to help those who need us most! The best of humanity has been shown these past couple of weeks. Through food and grocery gift card distribution, virtual programming and a hot meal program, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor has worked to keep our promise to our youth! To learn more, go to – Christina Choy

Ken Creighton

7.) By no means am I thankful for the current state of our world, but I am thankful. Thankful for the forced time of slowing down. Thankful for the love that fills our lives. Thankful for having a best friend who will be by my side all the days of my life. – Ken Creighton

Susan & Michael Davis

8.) We live on a walkable street, so when our friends and neighbors stroll by, we can wave from a distance and exchange a few encouraging words. Being isolated does not mean you have to lock yourself inside. Get out in the yard and plant something, then watch it grow. The silver lining is a deeper connection to home and health. – Susan & Michael Davis

Gino & Sarah Di Leva

9.) We are grateful to be healthy and happy during this unpredictable time. The unknown can be scary, but we’re doing our best to embrace it positively, taking the necessary precautions to continue to live in “normalcy.” We are utilizing the extra hours in the day to spend time with one another as our typical schedules constantly had us in opposite locations at opposing times. Talking/playing virtual games with family and friends, going on long walks, discovering new online workouts, cooking, watching movies, tackling those “I’ll get to it one day” tasks, working on our various art projects – all within each given week of the quarantine – would never be a possibility in our past lives. Time is the silver lining during this EpicDemic, and from utilizing those minutes wisely comes many blessings. We continue to send out our prayers to those who have suffered or lost a loved one from COVID-19, as well as for the safety and well-being of our front-liners, neighbors and those throughout the world. – Gino & Sarah Di Leva

Lori Garrett

10.) This pandemic has reminded me of our community’s generosity. I’m high risk, as are some others in my family, and we’ve been blessed with numerous offers to help shop for groceries and supplies. Friends, family, and even acquaintances have graciously reached out to us to make sure we have what we need. Knowing that everyone is struggling in one way or another right now, it reminds me how generous and selfless our community can be. – Lori Garrett

Mike Harper and Peter Hazdovac

11.) As difficult as the quarantine is, it has given me the opportunity to stop and smell the roses a bit. Having a family with two teenagers and a busy work schedule, I am constantly on the go. This has given me the chance to spend some extra time enjoying my family and quality time with my boys. That is a nice unexpected benefit to all this. – Mike Harper

12.) The time of quarantine has really forced me to slow down the pace of my life. Instead of rushing to the office every morning, I now go on a nice family walk with my wife and daughter. Friendly smiles (pre-masks), “good mornings” from neighbors, beautiful parks, and views of Downtown L.A. and Catalina have reminded me how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful community. – Peter Hazdovac

Xana Hermosillo

13.) I’m a proud San Pedran, and I commute [more than two] hours daily for work. My silver lining is being able to spend more time in my community: going on walks in the neighborhood, enjoying the views, ordering from local restaurants, and passing the time with my parents and dog. I’m even starting to get to know my neighbors! – Xana Hermosillo

Donald Bark

14.) Donald Bark, age 95, life-long San Pedro resident. After learning he had to wear a mask, which his daughter made for him, asked if she would make extras for his friends who are always so kind to him. Once they were ready, he asked his other daughter to help deliver them while practicing social distancing. – Leslie Hoback

Scott Hughs

15.) I would have to say that what’s going on nowadays with this virus has certainly given me a new insight to love. Being with my loving wife longer has really caused me to appreciate her more, love her better and treat her the way she deserves, as the queen she is. Also, [I’m] taking the time to get closer with God. There is a good side to all this, after all. Never again will I take creature comforts for granted. – Scott Hughs

Gloria & Moe Ibarra

16.) This is what Easter Sunday looks like in 2020! – Gloria & Moe Ibarra

Manuel Jimenez

17.) People helping people. Public/private partnerships. Coming together for the safety and well-being of the community. Best of humanity. – Manuel Jimenez

Angel Lem

18.) A silver lining from all this is that people are starting to appreciate the things they took for granted. I see in social media how the first thing they will do is go to the beach or to the park. I’ve also noticed people being more aware of personal space. It might be because they are afraid of getting something, but I’ll take it if I don’t have to worry [about] getting sick. – Angel Lem

Ricky Magana

19.) The pandemic has wreaked havoc on business owners like us. You tend to think that in times of crisis, people look out for themselves, but one of the amazing things to witness has been the overwhelming support of our members to [help] make sure we make it through. You don’t quite realize what you mean to people (and what they mean to you) until things go sideways. – Ricky Magana

Jennifer Marquez

20.) I have been very thankful during this challenging time that [I’ve been able to continue] to work in social services, as I have done for the last 25 years. My job brings needed resources like soap, diapers, new socks, and other essential items to over 200 nonprofits and Title 1 schools in Los Angeles County. Working from home exclusively now has given me more time to spend with my family and put more effort into growing my own food in a small garden. Lastly, I have been seeing my father from a distance. This photo was taken when I took him to get a needed medical procedure on his eye that could not be postponed. I am happy to report he is doing fine and enjoys his Meals on Wheels and any other special treats I bring him or have delivered. I have not been in a grocery store since March 13 and have taken the lockdown very seriously. – Jennifer Marquez

John Mattera

21.) Rushing from one thing to another was my regular way of life, and I thrived on it. But now our world’s new normal has forced me to slow down – and I have to admit, I really appreciate it. My current days have more family game nights and movie nights more often. I am also thankful to be crossing off many tasks from my home’s overdue “to do” list. So while I’m looking forward to the return of many things (especially sports!), I’m going to hang onto a lot of this relaxed lifestyle from now on. Stay strong and well, San Pedro! – John Mattera

Jeanine Orcutt

22.) During this pandemic, I have realized that so many things in our lives are not necessary. The things that are, are not really things at all. They are people, especially family. I have been blessed to be able to spend almost every day with my grandbabies, and I know not everyone has. So for that, I’m grateful. I’m also so grateful for my loving and caring husband. This too shall pass. – Jeanine Orcutt

Anthony Pirozzi, Jr.

23.) I have enjoyed seeing neighborhoods come alive and families spending quality time together! More and more neighbors are walking through the neighborhood and stopping to talk with fellow neighbors while social distancing. Our family is enjoying spending each night eating at the dinner table and talking about our day and many topics. Life is at a much slower pace and reminds me of how I grew up, and I hope it continues after the virus passes! – Anthony Pirozzi, Jr.

Peter J. Reynolds

24.) [It’s a] mid-April day with the top down in my electric Smart car, driving through one of my favorite local spots, Troy’s Burgers, on Pacific. For a few moments, I almost forgot about all the people back at the house who haven’t been “out” in weeks. I’m a port truck driver working through this COVID-19 age. So I always call home to find out what I can bring home. This day it was “onion rings.” – Peter J. Reynolds

Debbie Scanlon

25.) My silver lining has been discovering all of the beautiful places I can walk [to] right in my own neighborhood and still get a really good workout, taking a different route every day, and stopping along the way to appreciate and take photos of the gorgeous scenery, flowers, birds, and views. – Debbie Scanlon

Amanda Silva

26.) Since this pandemic disrupted our lives, my husband and I can clearly see how much we have and how little we need to make ends meet. I started up the Hello San Pedro Podcast again. My son and I look for bugs in our yard and read books together every day. At two years old, he is a little behind in his speech, but I have a feeling when this is over, he’ll be a big talker! – Amanda Silva

Pensinee Singson

27.) The silver lining for our family during this crisis is spending much needed quality family time. We have been taking evening neighborhood walks together, [enjoying] family workouts, and having movie night every night. If we didn’t have this Safer at Home [order], I don’t believe we would have had this time to spend with our children. – Pensinee Singson

Heli Swenson

28.) Six feet apart is better than six feet under! Seriously, let’s beat this thing by doing all the right things. To me, the silver lining of this [pandemic] has been that I have been showered with so much love from family and friends, and I’m looking forward to the day when I can give [them] a big hug in person. – Heli Swenson spt

SPT Staff