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Little Fish Theatre’s recent production of A Moment, written and directed by Kathryn Farren. (photo: Miguel Elliot/Little Fish Theatre)

New Year’s resolutions are always an interesting subject for me. It’s easy to be cynical and cancel them before they even get started, but maybe that’s because so many resolutions are about things we are taking away or things that are hard. Going to the gym, eating better, reading books, stopping watching TV, taking more walks, quitting smoking, and drinking more water are reasonable goals and a great way to reset the year. But why not add some fun resolutions that help bring us closer to each other in new ways for the new year? Here are some resolutions you can borrow if you’d like.

Help support someone else’s resolutions. We all need accountability partners or people who help keep us in alignment with our goals. Most of the time, that comes out as passive reminders, but maybe we can take a more encouraging role. If someone you know is looking to add exercise to their routine, schedule some hikes and walks around town with them. San Pedro historian Angela Romero spent a year walking every street in San Pedro. Why not explore our town in little loops that help you exercise with a friend, as well as see parts of Pedro we would otherwise miss? Many of us have trackers on our watch that record our location and distance. It might be fun to drive to different spots and neighborhoods and map out a loop. Make a game of it as you spot all the homes that still have their holiday decorations up. As a Realtor, I love seeing unique homes that we may never have noticed before.

Schedule a monthly lunch with people you want to get to know better. We all have friends and acquaintances around town that we find interesting, and we may have said, “Let’s grab lunch sometime.” Make “sometime” a monthly occurrence that you put on the calendar. I am going to add “schedule a lunch” onto my calendar as a reminder every month to send out a text or make a phone call to someone I’ve wanted to connect with better. There are a lot of great options, from Sirinat and Baramee for Thai food; Big Nick’s, Sorrento’s, Domenick’s, and Buono’s for Italian food; and Busy Bee, Lighthouse Cafe, Pirozzi’s Italian Deli, Sandwich Saloon, West Coast Philly’s, Think Café, and The Corner Store for sandwiches. For variety, I like Ko Ryu for ramen, Crazy Fish for seafood, and Sebastian’s for Mediterranean food. Don’t forget, San Pedro has some of the best views: Grabbing food to-go and eating at the 22nd Street Marina, Cabrillo Beach, Point Fermin Park, Royal Palms, Angels Gate, or hotdogs on the Battleship Iowa at Vicky’s Dog House are a great way to enjoy time together.

Put a date night on the calendar. There are so many restaurants in San Pedro that you may not have visited; it’s time to add them to the rotation. Also, having something to look forward to regularly is a great way to stay connected and spend quality time with someone you love. If you’re married, I recommend taking your spouse, but if you’re unmarried and don’t have a special someone, take your BFF, your grandma, one of your children, or another family member for some one-on-one time. Compagnon Wine Bistro, La Bocca Felice, Raffaello Ristorante, Pronto’s, Think Prime, and Shore Grill are great options, along with some of my lunch suggestions.

Support local entertainment. Date night should be about food, drinks, and conversation, with the point being spending one-on-one time with someone you care about. Another night you should add to your calendar is a chance to see some of our local talent. Little Fish Theatre, The Grand Annex, and Collage offer great arts and entertainment. They have several events that create unique experiences and really interesting nights out. Getting out and trying something new is a great way to support our arts community and expose us to more culture and beauty. You’ll be surprised by the quality and variety of entertainment we have here in San Pedro.

I think some of these resolutions have a way of better connecting us to our community and to each other. With so much going on, it is easy to watch all the changes as a spectator and forget we can participate actively. 

Where we spend our time and money locally is essential to ensure we keep all of the things we love about San Pedro thriving. spt

Lee Williams

Lee Williams leads The Lee Williams Real Estate Group at REAL Broker and is a Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner. He also serves on the board of directors for Boys & Girls Clubs of the LA Harbor, the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, Harbor Connects, and the San Pedro Education Foundation. He can be reached at