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Holiday treats from Paradise Preserves. Click to enlarge. (photo: Sanam Lamborn)

These days, it’s hard to escape news about the frustration experienced by the supply chain shortages and shipping delays. I see this inconvenience as an opportunity to boost our local economy by purchasing readily available gifts from small businesses in San Pedro. We have talented food entrepreneurs in town whose products make for fantastic edible holiday gifts.  

D’s Cookiesss. (photo: Sanam Lamborn)

I met Daiana Saputo around the time I created Eat in San Pedro on social media. Having lost her job due to the pandemic, she followed her kids’ suggestion to sell her cookies. It’s been inspiring to see the evolution of D’s Cookiesss, from our initial messages about how to create a Facebook page to seeing Saputo’s cookies at various popups and establishments around town. Her story is a testament of passionate hard work put into perfecting her distinctively decadent thick, yet perfectly baked cookies. Saputo started with a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but her regular offerings have increased to include seasonal flavors and gluten-free and vegan options. The newest flavor is a white chocolate peppermint that will put you right into a holiday mood! D’s Cookiesss are perfect gifts for cookie lovers. Individual cookies can be purchased at Brouwerij West, Burattino Brick Oven Pizza, and Sirens Java & Tea. For customized bundles, contact Saputo directly at (310) 259-6407. For an up-to-date menu, visit

Spices from A Bite of Good. (photo: Sanam Lamborn)

A Bite of Good is the result of an accomplished lawyer who transitioned into a career as a professional chef but found herself jobless during the pandemic, so she reinvented herself as a creative spice maker. Laurel Martin’s small batch hand-crafted spices feature a unique combination of flavors, which I have been happily using to season beef, poultry, seafood, and even popcorn. The beautifully packaged bottles make for perfect gifts, whether individually or in bundles. Much to my delight, Martin’s holiday repertoire includes tea bags of mulling spices to infuse apple cider or red wine and chocolate cocoa mixes that are far superior to the store-bought options. A limited collection of blends can be found at Crafted, Rustic Charm & Petals, Alma Backyard Farms, and Colossus Bakery. The complete line of products and custom gift boxes can be purchased at the San Pedro Farmers Market at Little Italy (Fridays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., 626 S. Beacon St.) or by visiting

Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles (112 E. 22nd St.) is a great place for purchasing gifts including edible ones. Check out these creative food vendors:

T’HO Coffee: No Waste Cafe. (photo: Sanam Lamborn)

Paradise Preserves’ owner Carey McMillan’s creations are perfect gifts, whether spread on toast or on cheese boards. Full-size preserves can be purchased individually or in boxes of three. Gift boxes with a combination of four small jars are also available. Pickled vegetables are the newest addition. Don’t forget to grab the ranch-seasoned pretzels!  

T’HO Coffee: No Waste Cafe is the ideal place to buy gifts for coffee lovers. Beans, whole or ground on sight, in-house crafted flavored syrups, and mugs can be purchased at their Refill Station. Since the premise of the business is to reduce waste, sustainability is promoted by selling coffee in reusable glass jars. 

Ten Thousand Villages. (photo: Sanam Lamborn)

Ten Thousand Villages is a fair-trade store predominantly staffed by volunteers which ensures that artisans are paid a fair wage for their creation in underdeveloped countries. Here you will find gifts supporting good causes, from Divine chocolates from Ghana to a variety of JusTea from Kenya, as well as packaged beans, soups, and candy from Women’s Bean Project. 

Our very own Melissa Hay has put together a San Pedro Today-sponsored holiday boutique featuring local craft makers and artisanal bakers. Edible gifts can be purchased from D’s Cookiesss, Good Vibes Italian Desserts, Knead It, Lemon and Lavender Confectionary, Twilight Delights Bakery, and What Cha Bakin’, as well as bread from San Pedro Sourdough. December 11 and 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in front of The Corner Store (1118 W. 37th St.).

Gift cards for the many eateries and coffee shops in town are also an option. Nevertheless, there are plenty of choices for personal shopping and gifts! spt

Sanam Lamborn

Sanam Lamborn created the Eat in San Pedro Facebook group and Instagram account in April 2020 to entice people to patronize San Pedro’s eateries.