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Marcus Bossett of Budo Pavilion in San Pedro California. (photo: John Mattera Photography)
Photo of Marcus Bossett of Budo Pavilion in San Pedro California. (photo: John Mattera Photography)

What is Budo? Traditionally in Japanese, “bu” means war, and “do” means way or path to enlightenment. However, its meaning is much greater in concept. Marcus Bossett, Renshi and owner of the recently opened Budo Pavilion explains, “It’s a life choice.”

Bossett’s martial arts knowledge took shape while he was a pre-teen attending military school. In a teacher’s attempt to avoid Bossett’s failing of a class, he was encouraged to participate in a karate lesson. “In that class, I gained pride, honor, respect, and self-worth,” Bossett recalls. “[That teacher] changed the course of my life.”

Martial arts quickly became a passion for Bossett, who later participated in UFC fighting as well as a variety of work within film and television. As a certified instructor and fifth-degree black belt, he has dedicated his life to teaching those same values and inspiring others through his craft. “I am someone who loves the martial arts and wants to keep tradition, but share it in a new way,” he explains.

One particular program that is gaining attention is Budo Pavilion’s women’s self-defense class, which is offered weekly on Friday nights and is free of charge. “As a black man with a black belt, I feel it is my responsibility to offer these free classes and help protect my community,” says Bossett. Bossett’s personal connection to the horrific crimes of assault inspired him to help others learn how to properly defend themselves. After the tragic passing of his sister, Bossett decided to help empower women and provide them with important, life-saving techniques. “I wish that no woman would ever go through this kind of trauma,” says Bossett. “I provide defenses that are easy, fast, and effective.”

The main focus of all programs offered is to enhance the lives of members of the San Pedro community, “We want to help kids and young adults learn more about themselves, and build strong bodies, as well as character,” says Bossett. “As for adults, we also offer fun and exciting training opportunities.”

Budo Pavilion is a unique dojo, featuring a knowledgeable and expert sensei staff, and offering a wide variety of programs for all levels, including karate, kobudo, kyudo, aikido, kendo, jiujitsu, and kung-fu. They also offer training in European swords, Western archery, and for you Star Wars fans, even light sabers!

“I want to help San Pedro become a stronger destination city. I want to bring the best martial arts teachers here from all over the world, and through the practice of martial arts and self-defense, help people grow from unsure to beyond confident,” says Bossett.

Budo Pavilion is located at 1117 S. Pacific Ave. Free Woman’s Self Defense Classes (Ages 15+) are held every Friday, 7:30 – 8:30p. For more info, call (424) 287-BUDO (2836) or visit budopavilion.net.

photo of Caitlyn Piercy

Caitlyn Piercy

Associate Editor, San Pedro Today