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Lee Williams and Tim McOsker. (photo: courtesy Lee Williams)

San Pedro has reached a critical time. The decisions we make today could affect us for generations. Few people know this better than Tim McOsker, candidate for L.A. City Council District 15. 

Over the years, I’ve heard Tim talk about three things very close to his heart: faith, family, and community. I have seen him honor each interchangeably in his volunteer work in the Harbor Area. Tim has endless stories about the many faces and places in Harbor history. His stories are mainly about the great deeds of others and why our various cultures and unique histories are worth passing down to the next generation. He never boasts about himself. He eagerly shares stories about the inspirations he finds meeting folks in Watts, Wilmington, San Pedro, and the Harbor and working toward shared goals.

I met Tim through the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce. He recommended me to succeed him as the board chair, and I’ll never forget our phone call that night. As passionate as I am about San Pedro, I’d only lived here a short time, and I don’t come from a line of last names with history or connection. I told Tim I would need his guidance as I stepped into the role and avoided stepping on toes. He declined, saying, “It’s your turn to lead. I will support you in your decisions, but they need to be your decisions.” 

I’ve always appreciated how he elevates people in the community and gently offers advice only when needed. Tim leads by bringing people together with a common goal, regardless of their differences. He has a wide variety of supporters and endorsements because he doesn’t get caught up in politics. He is focused on getting things done to benefit the entire community.

When Tim termed out at the Chamber, he went on to volunteer at the Business Improvement District (the PBID) and quickly became its president. The PBID is focused on improving our historical downtown, connecting our businesses with the waterfront, and creating jobs and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Before the pandemic, Tim had helped create the framework for our dining platforms. Once it became clear eating indoors at full capacity may not happen for a while, Tim worked with the PBID board, staff, and the office of Council District 15 to fast-track outdoor dining at our local restaurants. San Pedro was the first to implement it, and the concept spread throughout the region, saving countless restaurants and businesses.

Tim co-chaired the Chamber’s Quality of Life Committee with Mona Sutton. It was founded to help support solutions for San Pedrans experiencing homelessness to come in off the streets. Working with Supervisor Hahn, they got a shelter up and running in under 45 days. This included support for enforcing “no camping” restrictions around the shelters to encourage those who went inside to remain inside. 

Tim is a Community Ministry Board of Directors member for San Pedro Hospital (Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro). Through it, he helped open a behavioral health center to serve community members in mental health crises. The behavioral health center offers a safe space for folks to recover and get the mental help they need at times of severe crisis. 

Through the Quality of Life Committee, in partnership with Feed & Be Fed and Pastor Lisa Williams of the United Methodist Church, Tim helped found the Harbor Area Neighborhood Relief Fund. Through it, they raised over $200,000 to help individuals and local businesses weather the early days of the pandemic. It was used to help some stay employed, keep food on the table, and help some of our local restaurants stay afloat by paying them to feed their laid-off workers and first responders. One iconic San Pedro restaurant was three weeks away from not being able to make payroll. The fund Tim started helped save some businesses, kept people fed, and helped save jobs.

Tim McOsker can bring people from all walks of life to the table and get them to row in the same direction. If your goal is a better San Pedro that restores trust and transparency in city government, takes real action in supporting homeless solutions, provides for the health and safety of our citizens, protects the jobs we have and creates the jobs we need, and positions San Pedro to have a global impact on climate change and environmental justice for our residents, then vote for Tim McOsker. spt


Lee Williams

Lee Williams leads The Lee Williams Real Estate Group at REAL Broker and is a Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner. He also serves on the board of directors for Boys & Girls Clubs of the LA Harbor, the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, Harbor Connects, and the San Pedro Education Foundation. He can be reached at