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Mike Watt playing to a capacity crowd at The Sardine, February 2020. (photo: Joshua Stecker)

Vaccinations are slowly becoming more available, COVID numbers are dropping, and restrictions are beginning to lift. 

Right now, we are in the “red” or “substantial risk” tier on the state’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy chart. If we remain vigilant, we could be deemed “orange” or “moderate risk” in a few short weeks. Which brings us to one question: What are you looking forward to doing most in San Pedro?

I’m not talking about hugs with friends, visiting family, or traveling on vacation. Those are a given. What do you want to do most, right now, in San Pedro, that we couldn’t do a few months ago?

Before the pandemic, the growing trends were leading us to become homebodies. People increasingly wanted to grab takeout on the way home and chill in front of the TV. One silver lining in all of this is more people yearning for the social aspect of our existence. Grabbing a bite together, meeting up for exercise, and stopping for drinks or coffee are things we are unlikely to continue to take for granted.

I can’t wait to take my lady out for date night — dinner at La Bocca Felice and dancing at the Grand Annex or Godmothers. Meeting friends at Compagnon Wine Bistro for dinner and a spectacular wine before heading over to the Warner Grand for a performance from Encore Theatre Group. I can’t wait to walk along 6th or 7th Street on First Thursday, trying to recognize friends behind masks. These are the things I think about the most.

I’ve been boring people for weeks, asking for and sharing ideas on what activities we should make happen as soon as we are able. Here are the most random, non-vetted, I’m-probably-going-to-get-in-trouble-for-printing ideas we could come up with.

Do you miss going to the movies? Paying way too much for popcorn and having to remember to grab candy on the way to the theater are things people are looking forward to. Some movies are simply best viewed on the big screen. Not having to share an armrest with a stranger is just another example of how COVID spacing may have helped. The La-Z-Boy store in Torrance is having a renovation sale. We should get together, buy all of their existing inventory, and sponsor movie nights next to the USS Iowa. Our favorite pizza shops like Big Nick’s, Buono’s, Dominick’s, and Sorrento’s, along with sandwich shops Sandwich Saloon and Busy Bee, could take turns delivering dinner on TV trays. On some nights, we make it 21 and over so San Pedro Brewing Co. and Brouwerji West can serve you without having to leave your seat.

To get rid of the “Quarantine-15,” I suggest the San Pedro Triathlon. We start at Heyday Elite Fitness at 8th and Palos Verdes for some stretching, weightlifting, and CrossFit. Then it’s a 1K jog to All Fit’s new location on 6th Street across from the Warner Grand. There, we do some cardio and kickboxing. Everyone who finishes can gather at NUDA Juice & Wellness Shop for medals, t-shirts, and to buy each other smoothies. 

I really miss the San Pedro walking tours Angela Romero conducts to share San Pedro’s history. I would love to meet at Siren’s Java & Tea, jump on one of the PBID trolleys, and tour the San Pedro waterfront to learn more about the roots of San Pedro industries of the past and present, and then point out some of the development, jobs, and renovations that will be a part of the future of San Pedro.

We will need to remain in masks for a bit longer, vaccinated or not. It is important we stop the spread of COVID and continue to move forward toward a more open economy. So far, knock on wood, it looks like we are doing what it takes to get there. Now is the time to come up with some fun ideas so when it is safe, we can get back together in interesting ways with a new appreciation for our time together in the town that we love. Feel free to email me (leewilliams@kw.com) or San Pedro Today (contact@sanpedrotoday.com) with your ideas, and I’ll be sure to share them. spt


Lee Williams

Lee Williams is board chair of the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce and leads The Williams Group at Keller Williams PV Realty.