A Walk To Remember: Ted Golden & Gerilynn Gioiello – September 14, 2012 (Wedding)

Ted Golden & Gerilynn Gioiello - September 14, 2012 (photos by John Mattera Photography)

The old adage is never date a co-worker. Ever. But sometimes the stars align, fate intervenes and what could end up being a disaster turns into something incredibly special.

Gerilynn (Gioiello) and Ted Golden were both working as longshoremen for ILWU Local 13 when they met in 2006. Gerilynn wanted to get back into shape and began taking walks with Ted, who was also very active. Their first official date was to an Eagles concert at Staples Center in November 2006.

“The funniest part about that night was that after trying to hide our interest in each other from our co-workers, we ran right into them at the concert,” explains Gerilynn. “Of all the places to run into your co-workers!”

Throughout their relationship, the two traveled to various places including Mexico, Napa Valley, and Hawaii – of which Gerilynn says Maui is their favorite place.

“We just enjoy being with each other and experiencing new places with one another,” described Gerilynn. “It’s been like that for as long as we’ve known each other.”

In December 2011, Gerilynn and Ted decided to take a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Gerilynn’s birthday. Her brother, sister, and brother-in-law joined the two. With reservations set for her favorite restaurant – Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino – Gerilynn invited her sister and brother-in-law to join her and Ted for dinner, not knowing Ted was planning on proposing. But that didn’t stop him. He asked her to marry him, and, of course, she said “yes.”

The two married less than a year later on September 14, 2012, a date also commemorating Gerilynn’s father’s birthday, who passed away prior to their wedding. Ironically, Gerilynn’s birthday is December 14 and Ted’s is June 14 – more reasons as to why the 14th was the chosen date. The event was cocktail-style and took place at The Sepulveda Home in San Pedro, a French-colonial plantation-styled home that reminded Ted of New Orleans, where he was raised, and his mother, who passed away a year before the wedding.

More than 100 guests gathered for the intimate ceremony, where Gerilynn’s mother, Carmela, walked her down the aisle to Tom Petty’s “Here Comes My Girl.” Her father was part of the ceremony as well, as Gerilynn had his picture in her bouquet. During the ceremony, Gerilynn was joined by Maid-of-Honors Teresa Pisano, her cousin, and Sofia Rogers, her best friend, who was bed-written due to pregnancy, but was Skyped in by a friend so she could be part of the ceremony.

Ted was joined by Best Men (and sons) Ted and Charlie Golden. Ted’s daughter Juli also shared a reading during the ceremony, while Gerilynn’s niece Kristy sang “The Prayer.”

The reception immediately followed with food catered by Critic’s Choice Catering. Guests enjoyed everything from sliders, to tri-tip, to mac n’ cheese. Specialty drinks were also being served, featuring pomegranate and lemon drop martinis, and beer from Four Peaks Brewery, owned by Ted’s son Ted. And when it came to music, it was none other than 80s music video icon Richard Blade spinning the tunes.

While the night began with Italian music in honor of Gerilynn’s family, she and Ted danced to The Beatles’ “In My Life” for their first dance.

For their honeymoon, Ted and Gerilynn spent more than three weeks in Italy, touring Venice, Rome, and Ischia, the island Gerilynn’s family is from. When the couple got there, her family surprised them with another wedding reception.
“It was just great to be with my family and have them meet Ted,” says Gerilynn. “It was just so nice.”

Currently, Ted and Gerilynn live in San Pedro and still work as longshoremen for ILWU Local 13, and are very busy tending to their puppies. spt

Leading San Pedro

“This town eats its own.” I recall a friend on the San Pedro Chamber board saying this while lamenting that San Pedrans aren’t great at supporting their local leaders.

Whether he’s right or wrong, I believe that for many years San Pedro hasn’t done a good job of grooming future leaders. For example, before I launched San Pedro Magazine, I was not active in the community, but got involved because it now became my business to do so. The first major event I attended was a chamber luncheon attended by approximately 250 people. Although I was born and raised in San Pedro, with tons of family and friends here, I didn’t recognize more than two or three people.

Over the next several years, I became friends with many of the luncheon attendees. A large majority of them are wonderful people who do a nice job serving a community they love, but most came here from somewhere else. On one hand, it’s good to have leaders in your community that can provide a fresh pair of eyes on its issues, but on the flipside, I’ve found it challenging for many of them to accurately reflect the will of the majority of the people because they lacked the relationships to be able to do that. Furthermore, it’s not a very sustainable model to have to constantly find leadership arriving from someplace else instead of developing leaders that grew up in the community.

In recent years, things have begun to dramatically change. Our councilman, Joe Buscaino, was born and raised in San Pedro, as was the newly elected president of ILWU Local 13, Chris Viramontes. These are young dynamic leaders with the ability to attract their peers into getting involved to create a powerful leadership force for our community. In addition to Joe and Chris, I’d like to add the name of Anthony Pirozzi to the list of young San Pedro leaders that can brighten the future of our town. And I’m not the only one to think so; the San Pedro Chamber is giving Anthony its annual Leadership Award.

Anthony is one of my best friends. We met in high school when everyone called him Yog (which I still call him). In fact, I had to get past knowing him as Yog, who we loved teasing as kids, to recognize Anthony, a man that has grown into a great leader. The first glimpse occurred when Anthony joined our other friends, Dave Stanovich, Ron Galosic, Scott Lane, and Tony Cordero in leading the fight to secure baseball fields for Eastview Little League on Knoll Hill. Anyone that’s either played at Eastview or had a kid play at Eastview (I’m in both categories) will probably agree that their effort to have the fields built is one of our town’s finest accomplishments in the past few years.

The fact that Anthony threw so much of himself at the campaign is not a surprise. Anthony and I spend countless hours on the phone (his wife, Carolyn calls me his second wife) and the thing that comes up a lot is his passion for helping kids get better. He’s very proud that although he was a mediocre student at San Pedro High, he was able to get good grades at Harbor, go on to earn a degree at Cal Poly Pomona, and become an aerospace engineer. He uses his role as a Boeing executive to speak to kids about their futures and has facilitated more than $100,00 in donations from Boeing to San Pedro charities that serve children, such as the Boys & Girls Club, Top Sail, Toberman House, and Cabrillo Aquarium.

After the Save Eastview campaign had concluded, I convinced Anthony to join me on the board of directors at the San Pedro Chamber. Upon his election as chairman of the board, I began to realize that our generation has begun to assume the mantle of leadership. I can say with firsthand knowledge that we are fortunate to have leaders like Anthony, Joe, and Chris because they care so much for this town that we all love and they all share the same passion for grooming the next generation of San Pedrans into great citizens and great leaders. spt

Jack Baric can be reached at jackbaric@hotmail.com.