Celebrating Our San Pedro Dads 2013

Our San Pedro Dads… Where do we begin? They are the men who taught us the meaning of hard work. They worked and sacrificed of themselves for the betterment of the entire family. They made sure Mom was happy, the refrigerator full and always made sure we were safe and sound. They taught us how to play catch, what the difference between balls and strikes were, and debunked the whole “girls have cooties” myth.

When we got older, they taught us how to change the oil in our car (or did it for us), fix a flat tire (or did it for us) and helped move us into our first apartment. They were the first person we wanted to make proud and the last person we wanted to see after curfew. They love us unconditionally and made sure we wouldn’t screw up along the way. They are our San Pedro Dads. Without them, we’d be lost.

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